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We started out in 2002 developing and publishing specialized contractor advertising websites. Our first site www.TelephoneServiceDirectory.com is a listing of telephone installation and repair contractors (by service city) and local exchange carriers. This site has been a huge success with many telephone companies and individuals using. In 2003 we created another website www.PhoneContractors.com to find telephone contractors by zip code. Due to the success of these contractor specific websites (which are easily found on search engines due to contractor specific search terms), we are in the process of developing other similar websites such as this one www.ElectricianFinder.US which search engine users can easily find because it is electrical contractor, installer, installation, and electrician repair specific. Our sites go an additional step and tell you some specific's about each contractor (electrician) to help you select between multiple ones which may serve your area. So if you need to find and select a local electrician to add, install or repair / replace: a switch, plug, outlet, ciruit breaker, wire, wiring, cable, electric meter, or a service connection and want to know some facts before calling, this is the site to help you!

We hope that you find this electrical contractor directory helpful and our advertisers to be knowledgeable in solving your electrical installation and repair needs. Please refer this website www.ElectricianFinder.US to your friends and neighbors as an easy to use directory to find local electricians (contractors).

Thank you,

The staff at ElectricianFinder.US

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